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Our storage facility has been serving Kittitas County for 20 years. We have a variety of different sizes of storage units available, from closet sized mini-storage to residential storage units that can hold the contents of an entire house. AAA Wildcat Storage also offers RV or trailer parking.



Gabe Williams 1 Month Ago

Judy Hinrichs 1 Month Ago

I owe the success of my entire recent move to the ladies at Wildcat Storage and U-Haul in Ellensburg. After a planned and contracted move did not materialize, they put together "plan B" for me, getting a truck, helpers and a storage pod which held everything. The tears I was shedding thinking that my lovely things would be "on the street" after my house sale closing, turned out to be tears of relief and happiness. Thank you so much. You are going to make life easier for many people in this area.

Brenda Odimba 2 Months Ago

I would like to share my experience with AAA WILDCAT STORAGE. (CAN I JUST SAY, WOW!!!) for AAA WILDCAT STORAGE. I’m a mother of twins and they are attending Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA. I was in a very tight spot with getting my twins home for the summer. We missed out on getting a storage unit for the twins to store their belongings in over the summer. This meant that we would have to pack up their apartment, and bring everything back home until school resumes in September. I made a call to AAA Wildcat Storage, and spoke to this sweet young lady named, Karen. There aren’t nearly enough stars on their review page for me to give this sweet lady. I live south of Seattle and needed to get boxes sent to my twins so they could pack up their apartment. I explained my situation to Karen, and asked if they had a delivery company I could use to deliver the boxes. Karen stated that she WOULD DELIVER THEM TO MY TWINS! I WAS ALMOST SPEECHLESS AND THANKING GOD AT THE SAME TIME! For the record, if companies had more employees like Karen, their businesses would prosper. This company is truly blessed to have a person like Karen. If I had words to describe Karen I would say she is: KIND HEARTED, THOUGHTFUL, AND HAS THE CUSTOMER’S BEST INTEREST AT HEART. THIS GESTURE BLEW MY MIND. KAREN WENT OUT HER WAY TO HELP ME AND MY TWINS. I’M SO HUMBLED BY THIS EXPERIENCE. KAREN IS A WOMAN OF INTEGRITY!!! OH, DID I MENTION HOW GRATEFUL I AM TO KAREN FOR WHAT SHE HAS DONE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY? A REQUEST TO THE OWER : GIVE THIS YOUNG LADY A PROMOTION, BECAUSE IT’S EMPLOYEES LIKE HER THAT KEEP CUSTOMERS COMING BACK!!! Lastly, BE KIND AND A BLESSING TO OTHERS AND THE BLESSINGS OF THE LORD WILL RUN YOU OVER/ OVER TAKE YOU!!! KAREN, I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING YOU IN SEPTEMBER!!! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I WOULD EVEN SAY THIS : I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS EXPERIENCED THE WARMTH AND KINDNESS OF KAREN’S HEART. MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, KAREN!!!

Jennifer Lewis 2 Months Ago

Really really great service! Storage unit (inside unit) is clean; the inside unit lighting is a huge plus, and Karen is really accommodating…plus, the on-site UHaul rental is great!

A DeArmond 3 Months Ago

Great service!

M.T. 3 Months Ago

NOTE: This is for the Uhaul part of the business. The staff is friendly and professional. They always have what I need whether that is supplies, or truck rentals. I highly recommend this place for moving trucks and if you need packing supplies.

Marisa Cook 4 Months Ago

WOW! What a change since the last time I came by AAA Wildcat. The last time I came to AAA was a year ago. Super friendly. Super clean grounds. Very attentive to detail. I originally called to inquire on a unit as well as a U-Haul rental for the day. The gal at the front when I showed up in person to actually look at the units, I think her name was Karen-she welcomed me with a friendly smile and answered all my questions. Such positive energy surrounding the grounds now. Don't listen to the negative reviews in the past. I'm pretty sure it's all new staff. The office looks way AMAZING-they have a beautiful accent wall which I now am currently doing in my house I loved it so much. I will be coming back, and I will be referring people here for both storage and U-Haul.

Jae Marie 5 Months Ago

Always friendly and easy to work with. I love how well they communicate with customers, and the fact that they do regular checks around the property. I was an idiot and didn't lock my unit properly, and they called to let me know about it. Definitely recommend using them, fair prices as well. Good hours, especially since you can still come in even when the office is closed.

Rune Torgersen 6 Months Ago

Welcoming, friendly service, clean facility, good value.

The Otter 7 Months Ago

Great folks. Great price . Laid back and friendly. What more do I have to say.

Sadie Church 8 Months Ago

I was looking for a storage unit to temporarily store my belongings. But from personal experience the previous management there was HORRIBLE. Karen, the new manager-got me into my unit with the upmost amazing customer service I have encountered. She is a rockstar!!! AAA had turned things around for the better-thank you Karen! I will be recommending them from now on.

Rio Mayer 8 Months Ago

These people are so helpful! Kenneth and Karen made signing up super fast and easy. We got to move our stuff in the same day, and they helped us get the best deals on moving supplies. I 100% reccomend them.


Dylan Real Graham 10 Months Ago

Robert Plute 10 Months Ago

Easy rental online and extremely convenient finding my unit. The unit has an individual light which is awesome. Thanks!

Cassidy Kopp 11 Months Ago

Great storage decent prices

George Cavazos 11 Months Ago

I had a truck break down during a military move and came here to get a U Haul truck. I found the gentleman working here to be extremely helpful and kind. He got me set up with everything and provided great customer service. The owner later came by while I was still here and she was very helpful as well. She took care of me and got me on my way without any issues!

Peggy Hannah

Very friendly staff & nice clean units!

Bekah Carter

Cory Raphael

wendy luckey

Wildcat storage is great. When I needed to rent storage space that was secure as well as climate controlled, they helped me every step of the way. Calie was super helpful, friendly and was able to answer all of my questions. All in all I found exactly what I needed there.

J Bement

Lo Orozco

Esther Walsh

Josh Davis

Christopher Clark

Very friendly staff, made our U-haul rental a breeze.

Josh Davis

Friendly staff, available most of the time, clean grounds, and gate for security.

Wayne Thompson

Alisha Sandvig

Grover Bowers

Robert Coltrane

Fast service good choices

Conscious Intention

David Hoffman

Amanda Thomas

Kristina Kipling

Terrica Sallee

Carol Secondi

Traci Goff

Dale Amond

Would use again.

Jacquie Sandvig

Becky Layns

Clean grounds and secure. I'm here alot after the gate closes (normal business hours) and feel safe. Security gate seems very sufficient.

Stephanie Van Vliet

Katie Brown

Caleb Gibson

Mel E

63 Total Reviews
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